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At Mastromatteo Optometrist…

  • We are a family practice with more.
  • We examine your eyes through a comprehensive eye examination to asses your visual needs of you and your family including children.
  • We offer friendly professional service to cater for all your visual needs.
  • We also do a detailed assessment of the eye health.
  • We make use of the latest technology in testing equipment including fundus photography, slitlamp examination, corneal topography and digital eye testing equipment.
  • We give advice with regards to the selection of frames and lenses.
  • We do professional fitting of hard, soft, coloured, conventional and disposable lenses.
  • We do reading and learning related assessment for children with learning problems as well as children vision problems.
  • We do cognitive brain testing for brain training and development.
  • We are contracted in to most medical aids.


We offer a wide choice of superior quality products to match your visual needs and to be lifestyle efficient.


  • We make use of Essilor, Hoya and Nikon lens designs.
  • We can supply you with single vision, bifocal or the more advanced multifocal lenses.
  • The multifocals available are of the latest design to suite your specific visual needs.
  • We provide speciality lenses and products such as high density thin lenses for high prescriptions as well as computer vision lenses.
  • We provide various lens coatings such as Scratch resistant Hard-coat, Anti-glare coatings, Blue control, Night driving, Polarised and more.
  • We can tint lenses with solid or gradient tints and can supply you with transition lenses.
  • We do free frame alignments as well as ultrasonic cleaning of your glasses.


  • We can supply you with 1-day of monthly disposable contact lenses as well as toric disposable contact lenses to correct your astigmatic correction.
  • We can also help the Presbiopic patient over the age of 40 with multifocal disposable contact lenses.
  • In spesialized cases like Keratoconus we can also fit you with hard contact lenses.


  • We have a wide choice of brands to suite the latest fashion and your individual style.
  • We can supply you with sports vision related frames as well as safety goggles.
  • Sunglasses with different styles and fashion are also available.
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