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Eye Allergies

Especially this time of the year, with the season that is changing, our allergies flair up and most of us are affected by Pollen.  Animal dander, mold, cosmetics and artificial eye drops can also be the culprits that cause eye allergies.

The best way to treat your allergies is to avoid the allergens, if pollen is your problem, rather stay indoors and keep your windows closed when driving.  Also remember to wear well protected sunglasses or photochromic spectacles during this time, as it can shield your eyes from ragweed and too much sunlight exposure, especially if your eyes are quite sensitive.  When wearing contact lenses, remember that it attracts and accumulate airborne allergens, try scaling down or rather wear your spectacles.  Disposable contact lenses are a better option as it avoids the build-up of allergens and other debris on your lenses.

The correct eye drops can also bring relieve to itchiness, redness and watery eyes.   Consult with your Optometrist as a lot of non-prescription eye drops are available at your Optometrist or nearest Pharmacy.  If your allergy symptoms are severe or the eye drops are ineffective you will need to see an eye specialist for a prescription and guide lines how to treat your allergy.

Treat your eyes well this spring time.


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