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How screens affect your eyes

How screens affect your eyes

Are your eyes tired, or red, after a long day behind a screen? Typing away on a computer or staring at a cell phone for extended periods can effect our eyes. Unknowingly, we reduce our blinking rate which dries the eye’s vulnerable tear layer. The devices emit harmful blue light called high energy short wave blue light (415-455nm wavelength). This can result not only in tiredness but also cause damage to the cornea, lens and the retina. It is of paramount importance to protect your eyes from future damage. Computer screen related work can also lead to myopia or nearsightedness and could have detrimental consequences. Take precautionary measures when using blue light-related products, especially at night.

Give your child a head start into their school year

COVID-19 has brought about several changes and challenges to your child’s education. Are you concerned about their academic outcome for 2020? If you feel that your child is not reaching their full potential, certain weaknesses in their brain skills could be the underlying cause. To find out more, call us for a FREE SCREENING to identify which learning inability could be preventing your child from reaching their full learning potential. For further details, please follow this link:

One of our testimonies

My experience with BrainRX was truly incredible. I have improved at school and it is less frustrating to complete tasks. Recalling information over extremely long periods of time improved and focusing on tasks at hand instead of drifting. Completion of mathematics at a faster pace. English has gone from being an absolutely impossible subject to one of my best. Interpretation and comprehension of instructions at a rapid pace. Memorising information with different techniques. BrainRX has helped me in many ways to understand, connect and solve or answer questions not only in school but in life. I never thought I could improve so much in such little time.

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