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Challenge yourself

A New Year always accompanies New Year’s resolutions!!! This month we focus on the brain seeing the eyes are part of the brain. Most people don’t realize that engaging in mental stimulation is just as important as keeping your body in shape, but that’s what brainteaser month hopes to change.

Everyone loves a good riddle. Brain teasers are an excellent way to keep our minds sharp and focused. A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought for us to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind. Sometimes it also involves lateral thinking. One of the earliest known brain teaser enthusiasts was the Greek mathematician Archimedes. He would devise and give out mathematical problems for his contemporaries to solve as best they could.

Brainteaser Month is all about mental stimulation that helps to boost your overall brain activity and reinforce your memory power. Keeping your brain active also helps to reduce the risk of dementia and slow the rate of decline. If you’re still young and active, then mental stimulation can help you improve concentration, improve your brain processing speed and also help you tackle complex challenges by breaking them down into smaller tasks.

The idea is to stimulate your brain and get you thinking about different things, breaking down problems or challenges and finding a way to piece together a solution by yourself. For daily teasers, there are several mobile apps that offer daily reminders and challenges.


Academic Performance CAN be enhanced!
BrainRx can help your child with learning, reading or attention difficulties and enhance your grades and higher achievement. Brain science proves that differences in individual cognitive skills are often the reason that one student excels without much effort and another struggles. By strengthening individual, underlying mental skills in your student early this school year, we can give you many reasons to be more confident about your child’s success. Stronger learning skills will give you and your child every reason to look to next year’s school year with confidence.

It’s never too late to help your child, but it’s close to impossible without the right information. BrainRx President and Founder, Dr. Ken Gibson says: “There is an ideal window of time for a young person’s learning development. Neglect that window and it can seriously affect academic performance, job productivity, and even social standing. For those people, life’s promises—and choices—quickly lose their luster.”

He recommends that parents get their children tested as soon as they see any signs of trouble: disruptive or withdrawn behaviour, low motivation, excessive homework, resistance to going to school, or general academic problems.

Four common areas of learning difficulties that can be overcome:

  • Reading
  • Memory
  • Dyscalculia
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