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Protecting your overall health is very important toward keeping your eyes healthy! Take good care of yourself and your eye health and vision will follow. Keep in mind that healthy habits like eating well and being active can lower your risk for diseases and conditions that can lead to eye…

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Challenge yourself A New Year always accompanies New Year’s resolutions!!! This month we focus on the brain seeing the eyes are part of the brain. Most people don’t realize that engaging in mental stimulation is just as important as keeping your body in shape, but that’s what brainteaser month hopes…

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It is said that up to 80% of blindness is avoidable through prevention or treatment. As part of Eye Care Awareness Month people are encouraged to have an annual eye exam. Here are 5 reasons why routine eye tests are important: Detect health problems Your eyes are not only the…

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How to clean your glasses

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Before cleaning your eyeglasses, make sure your hands are free from dirt, grime, lotion and anything else that could be transferred to your lenses. Use lotion-free soap or dishwashing liquid and a clean, lint-free towel to clean your hands. 2. Rinse your glasses under…

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